SWITCH.BLADE -- Fictionwise.com's first all-original e-anthology -- is released!

 July 15, 2002 -- For immediate release

 Leading sf/f/h e-book publisher Fictionwise.com [ http://www.fictionwise.com ] will debut it's first all-original anthology in e-book form on July 15, 2002.  Edited and published by Nebula nominee Amy Sterling Casil, Switch.Blade will feature new work by Fictionwise.com's best speculative authors each quarter, focusing on a seasonal or holiday theme, for the low price of just $4.99.

 The first volume of Switch.Blade -- "School's Out" -- features ten tales involving the theme of "school" or "summer break" in creative and surprising (and predominantly humorous) ways by award winning and popular sf/f/h authors.  Contributions include:


Connections by Matt Horgan
Penny Lombard and the Heart Ken Found by
Alan Rodgers
Oh-Oh by
Ron Collins and John C. Bodin
Hell Week at Grant-Williams High by
Vera Nazarian
High-Stakes Test by
James Van Pelt
Nord's Gambit by
Tobias Buckell
The Universe in the Bottom of A Cereal Box by
Amy Sterling Casil
Flunking the Assassin by
Michael A. Arnzen
Safe as the Dark by
Lisa Silverthorne
Why I Bring A Bag Lunch Now by
Tom Gerencer


Switch.Blade is just $4.99 for 66,000 words of pure SF/F/H entertainment, available in all popular e-book formats. 

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