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Trinity (born 10/17/04)


    Trinity was a worried little kitten in PetsMart who had been abandoned to the elements sometime in November.  Like Denali, she had tons of ear mites, but those got cleaned up at the vet.  And besides her respiratory illness, the poor little girl didn't have a good time with her spaying operation.  Whoever spayed her caused a small hernia that will have to be repaired soon, most likely in February.  But she's such a little sweetheart who'll cuddle and loves to be held. My adult cats were a lot more welcoming of her than they were Denali (because he's so hyper :>)  She likes Denali, but he really gives her a hard time, being aggressive and playing way too hard with her.  She's about 2-3 weeks younger than Denali and she's half his size. See the last picture for a size comparison. :)